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"whoop! gotta hold my whiteness, don't mess with all this tightness!"

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[music| Hot Action Cop - Samuel Jackson]


Hey, I know no one prolly had a chance to look at this, but I DID link ya'll to uploads for the songs, as suggested in one of the previous posts.

Hey, everyone!

I happened to notice that this community doesn't get a lot of posts.

I thought I'd make a couple suggestions for dope workout beats which I happen to find VERY motivating. Shit, it's 1am and I'm all amped up for the gym... even though I'm still recovering from going today (did WAY too much arms stuff... so I like fell against my car when I got out... Kind've like barney, useless arm/limbs)

Anyhoo. My suggestions -

Linkin Park - Figure 09
Figure 09

Hot Action Cop - Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson

Both from S.W.A.T. I know it's an ubercorny movie, but I made the mistake of watching it before bed, and now I can't fall asleep!

Shit, any song that goes: (see below) is BOUND do to a little somethin in the movitation department.

I can upload the song to a "you send it" link if anyone is interested. (and the Linkin Park swat song too)

"Yo, we gotta start this mission
Hot action wont be dissin'
Big dog is off the colla'
Gonna hear ya'll schemers holla
Oh, better get a witness
all up and in yo business

you be like 'Yeah? But who be?'
Wanna play when the man got you-be"


"drug delaers, thugs, and villains
hopped up on cash and dealin'
yo, better watch your back now
hop! take bob-o for smack down 
whoop! gotta hold my whiteness
dont mess with all this tightness

yo! you better check your mirror
hot action's gettin' nearer"

If anyone was wondering, Samuel Jackson does NOT rap or sing at any point in the song. My friend wondered, so I figured I'd cover my bases.

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