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New to the community but not to the gym

Hey, I'm new here, to the community.. Def not a newcomer to the gym!

My gym is not only filled with motivation-killing music, but strange locals who I often try to estimate their criminal record... most are prospective sex offenders. Does anyone else just get that "yikes, get the flip away from me!" vibe from the peeps at their gym? I guess, since I only pay 24 bucks a month, I shouldn't be bitching.

I'm so glad I found a workout msuic community! My "work out" cds often have the same theme of songs and after a while, they get kind've monotonous... still beats the temptations though!

I don't know what the "entry post requirements" are, if there is such a thing for this community, but whatev.

AMEN: "It is our contention that America is fat because of the music gyms insist on poisoning their patrons' motivation with. The moderator was a member at a gym who only played the slow motown station. She dares you to run a mile to The Temptations."

Anyhoo, I'm out!
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