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good, CLEAN workout music?

hello! i'm glad to see this community has picked up a bit recently, because i am in need of some help.

i'm a new instructor at my local YMCA. i'm teaching spinning, aka group cycling (see my icon for an idea of what the class is like). i burn CDs for the classes, and as i teach twice a week, i'm in constant need of new music.

also, tonight i got a criticism about some of my music having too much foul languange and sexual content and i was humiliated. some of the best workout beats these days have bad lyrics, and sometimes i don't even notice (being mid-twenties and oblivious to this stuff).

so obviously, i'm going to pay attention to this and make sure that my future cd's are squeaky clean. it IS the YMCA, you know. and therefore... i need some suggestions!

what are some good workout songs that have totally clean lyrics?

the type of music i need generally falls into these catagories:

- fast tempo for flats or for standing and going fast - example: "proud mary" or even slightly slower than that.
- really fast tempo for sprints - example: "ready, steady, go" from those car commercials
- really slow tempo for high resistance/hills - example: "survivor" by destiny's child - though that might border on offensive? i dunno.

i'm pretty good with warm ups & cool downs, no complaints there.

thanks in advance for your help!
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